Garage Door Repair Guidelines and Regular Garage Door Maintenance Due to Death of a Beloved Pet

On A sunny Saturday in September 2018, the Gadways washed their garage floor and then left their garage door open about 8 inches above the ground so that the floor could air dry. Later, when Mrs. Gadway used her garage door opener remote to open the garage door the rest of the way, the garage door rolled closed, killing the families beloved 11-year-old dog, in front of both her and her young son.

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Honeywell’s Total Connect and Chamberlain MyQ Technology Have Joined Forces

The Chamberlain Group (CGI) owners of Chamberlain and LiftMaster garage door openers that uses MyQ technology allowing their customers to open their garage doors and turn on their house lights using an app on their smart phone has joined forces with Honeywell’s Total Connect smart home security system in August of this year. (2018)

If you have at least the basic Honeywell Total Connect 2.0 and MyQ garage door opener, the joining of these two apps allows you to operate and monitor both your security system and your garage door with one simple integrated app.

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California Governor Jerry Brown Passes New Law for Garage Door Installation

In September of this year (2018) California Governor Jerry Brown signed into Senate Bill 969 garage door opener related that will require every new garage door opener that is sold or installed after July 1, 2019 come equipped with a backup battery to allow the garage doors to be opened in the case of a power outage.

The bill was introduced by Senator Bill Dodd, in response to hearing about several deaths during the 2017 California wildfires attributed to people who were unable to get their vehicles out of their garage during after the electricity failed, so had no way to flee. Senator Dodd experienced this problem himself, when he could not open his wooden garage door manually by using the garage door emergency release mechanism and required the assistance of a neighbor to get his vehicle out so he could evacuate the area. A neighbor of his had to drive through his garage door in order to escape the fire.

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Missing! 2019 Camaro HomeLink System

If you own a 2018 Camaro, you know that the built-in garage door opener remote system known as HomeLink comes standard in various models of this car. (And in many other makes and models of cars as well.) If you like this feature and find it convenient and are considering trading in your 2018 Camaro or other make of car for the 2019 Camaro and were looking forward to continuing to use HomeLink as your garage door or security gate opener, then you are going to be severely disappointed.

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Champion Garage Door Repair is now Serving Westminster CA

If you need fast garage door repair in Westminster CA, call the professionals at Champion Garage Door Repair. They offer a complete line of services from installation to maintenance, and repair services for your garage door. A fully licensed and insured company, Champion Garage Door Repair is now serving you in Westminster CA, offering excellent services for low, affordable prices.

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Champion Garage Door Repair is now Serving Cypress CA

For those who want the best in garage door repair in Cypress CA, go no further than Champion Garage Door Repair. Offering the finest in installation, maintenance, and repair services, Champion is the place to call when you need trained technicians to do the job right. Champion is fully licensed to comply with all local and state rules and regulation. Plus, they are fully insured so that if they should cause an accident while on your property, their insurance will pick up the bill. This means that you get top-quality professional garage door repair Cypress CA service all for a low, affordable price.

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How to Program Your Car Home Link to Your Garage

You may have seen new vehicle with the technology to open garage doors already installed. However, you have to program that technology first, so you can use it on your garage door opener or gate for that matter. You might hire the services of a garage door repair company to do the job, but it is possible to do it yourself and save considerable time and effort when it comes to opening your garage door without having to use a special remote.

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My Garage Door Will Not Close

If your garage door refuses to close, there could be several reasons as to why this is happening. Your garage door is a mechanism that relies on different parts working together in unison so that it can be operated properly. This is especially true when you use a garage door opener as part of the system. If you are having difficulties, you may want to call a professional garage door repair company to inspect and repair the issue.

However, before you make the call, there are some things you can do on your own to identify the issue that is causing your garage door to stay open. What follows are a few tips that will help you locate the problem and take appropriate action if possible before calling a reputable garage door repair company.

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