Missing! 2019 Camaro HomeLink System

If you own a 2018 Camaro, you know that the built-in garage door opener remote system known as HomeLink comes standard in various models of this car. (And in many other makes and models of cars as well.) If you like this feature and find it convenient and are considering trading in your 2018 Camaro or other make of car for the 2019 Camaro and were looking forward to continuing to use HomeLink as your garage door or security gate opener, then you are going to be severely disappointed.

While the 2019 Camaro comes with plenty of technologically advanced features, such as a rear camera mirror, forward collision alert, a brand-new infotainment system and a 10-speed automatic transmission, the car is missing one important feature – the built-in HomeLink feature.

That’s right, GM has decided that their 2019 Camaro won’t feature HomeLink system in their. Not only the HomeLink won’t be standard feature on these cars, they also are not available as an add on feature either. Leaving Camaro lovers wondering why GM would remove this handy feature from Chevy’s latest line of Camaros.

What is HomeLink?

HomeLink is a wireless control system that has been around for a couple of decades now and this system is built into a number of different makes and models of vehicles these days.

While this system is used as a remote garage door opener, it is so much more than a garage door opener remote. This system can also be used to:

  • Operate the lighting for your home both interior and exterior
  • Notify you when your garage door is left open
  • Allow you operate your home’s alarm system
  • Operate other electronic items or gadgets in your home

Home link is operated by three buttons integrated into your car’s interior somewhere easily accessible such as the sun visor or rear-view mirror. These buttons are easily programmable making HomeLink especially handy and versatile.

HomeLink offers users several benefits including:

  • Works with nearly all garage door openers
  • Battery free. HomeLink runs off your car’s electrical system, which means you never have to worry about your battery going dead and garage door refusing to open.
  • When you are away from home you have the ability to operate your radio frequency devices.
  • Extremely easy to use.

With this remote wireless system allowing you to do so much from the safety of your car thus increasing the safety of driver’s when they come home, it is little wonder that many car buyers are wondering why GM would ditch the HomeLink system in their latest Camaro. However, there may actually be a number of reasons why GM has made such a controversial move.

Belief that HomeLink is About to Become Obsolete

Technology is constantly changing what is new and technologically advance one day may be completely obsolete the next day. Since the HomeLink system is already couple of decades old and today almost anything can be done using a smart phone, GM may simply be predicting that HomeLink will suddenly become obsolete in the near future.

However, it should be noted that HomeLink is actually safer to use than a smart phone/smart device with your high-end garage door opener since the buttons for HomeLink are installed at an easily accessible location in your vehicle, while you likely have to dig through your purse or your pocket for your cell phone and then will likely have to look down in order to push the buttons you need in order to open your garage door. One of the main benefits of HomeLink is that it doesn’t use batteries like those key chain remotes or your smart phone so you never have to worry about your remote losing its charge.

In addition, GM may have simply determined that their clients are looking for “What’s New” technologically in the newer model of Camaro. So, they simply opted to add such features as the rear camera and the forward collision alert in place of the HomeLink thinking these features will be more attractive to new vehicle purchasers.

Budgetary Controls

Another reason why GM may have ditched the HomeLink system in the latest model of Camaro may simply be a financial one. GM did not sell as many of their 2018 Camaros as they had hoped and believe the reason for this might have been the car’s price tag. So, they decided to reduce the cost of the 2019 Camaro, which means that some of what could can be considered non-essential features need to be left off in order to make room for new features buyers expect to see, while still keeping prices down. This forced GM to pick and choose what features to add, what features to keep and what features to drop in their latest line of Camaros. Making removing HomeLink a simple business Decision. Whether or not this was a good decision financially for the makers of Camaro, only time will tell once those quarterly figures on 2019 Camaro sales start rolling in. The reduced cost of the Camaro may result in larger sales for the company, or the loss of the convenience and safety of the HomeLink wireless system may force would be Camaro owners to shop elsewhere for another make and model of car that does have HomeLink installed. Only time will tell.

Why Doesn’t GM At Least Offer HomeLink as an Add On?

The big question is even if GM felt it was a wise decision to remove HomeLink as a standard feature why wouldn’t they still offer it as an add on since car buyers expect to pay additional money for every add on their request?

No one knows the answer to that question and perhaps no one will ever know. What it does mean that for people who consider HomeLink to be important, must have feature in a new car, will now have to forgo the Camaro for another vehicle that has this wireless remote system.

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