The Danger of Leaving Your Garage Door Partially Open

Human Beings are creatures of habit and breaking those ingrained habits is often a difficult task. However, if you are one of the thousands of people who tend to leave your garage door partially open this is one habit you may want thinking about changing.

Is it safe to leave your garage door partially open? Many people think that by leaving their garage door only partially open they are safer than leaving the it completely open. This really is not the case. Even leaving your garage door open a couple of inches can breach the security of your garage, and in some cases your home. Knowing the dangers of a partially open garage door may be enough to make many of you immediately change this habit for good. Here is a look at some of the main dangers of a partially opened garage door.

Serves as an Invitation to Thieves and Vandals

You may think that you are being smart by leaving your garage door all the way open. Thinking if thieves or vandals can’t see what is inside your garage, they will pass it by. Nothing could be further from the truth. Thieves and vandals often live in the neighborhoods that they rob. This means they have seen you and your family coming and going, using their four wheels, bicycles, lawn mowers, and other objects often kept in the garage. They may even live in homes your wife has visited wearing her wedding ring or other nice jewelry. Chances are good that some thieves may have a pretty good idea of what your family owns.

Other thieves may just observe that you live in a nice neighborhood, have a nice home, and a nice car and therefore assume that your garage and your home may also contain nice items that they they can fence for good money.

Leaving your garage door open even a couple of inches will allow thieves having the right tool to reach under your door and unhook the garage door emergency release allowing them to open the door and fully and help themselves to the items to your garage, and if there is a connecting door between your garage and your home, they can even let themselves into your home.

Home Invasions

Even more dangerous that simple thieves and vandals are home invasions. People who commit home invasions don’t just steal from you, they place your entire family in danger and many home invasions ends up with homeowners and their families injured or even dead. Leaving your garage door even slightly ajar give home invaders an opening in which to invade your home, especially if your garage is connected to your house with a common door.

However, having a detached garage does not make your home any safer from home invasion, since these people can still hide in your garage, wait for you to enter and then force you into admitting you into your home. Keeping your garage door completely shut and locked with prevent thieves, vandals, and home invaders from gaining access to your garage and your home.

Partially Opened Garage Doors Serve as an Invitation to Small Children

Young children are curious by nature and a partially open garage door is an invitation to young children to crawl inside and explore. Chances are your garage contains such things as anti-freeze, motor oil, or heavy items that can cause serious harm to young children. Whether you have children of your own or simply live in a neighborhood where there are young children you don’t want to be responsible for any harm coming to a child, simply because you left your garage door partially open.

Infestation of Vermin

A slightly open garage door can be an invitation for bugs, squirrels, mice, birds, and other animals and vermin to seek shelter or look food in your garage. Not only will it take a lot of effort to get rid of these animals or vermin, you may enter your garage one day to find a litter of kittens or even puppies has been delivered into your garage. It is not uncommon for a feral cat or stray dog to seek shelter a dark corner to deliver their litter when the time comes and any animal that just given birth can be protective of their young and pose special problems to homeowners who enter their garage unknowing that your garage has become a nursery.

Wear and Tear on Your Garage Door

Even if none of these frightening or inconvenient scenarios occur there is still the fact that leaving your garage door partially open causes a great deal of wear and tear on your garage door itself. You garage door is a mechanical device, with springs that under a great deal pressure. Each and every time you open your garage door wear and tear of the springs, cables and other garage door parts of your door occurs. However, what you may not realize is that leaving your garage door partially open for hours on end, puts even more pressure on your garage door and causes parts to wear out much faster. This can result in more frequent need for garage door repair and more costly repairs as well, and ending up costing you hundreds of dollars for those extra unnecessary garage door repairs.

If you are like most people, you live on a budget and don’t want to spend unnecessary money on garage door service that could be avoided. Even more importantly, you will do anything possible to prevent garage door break-ins and keep your family as safe and secure as possible. While you may not be able to avoid every danger, closing and locking your garage door at all times in one simple way of providing your family with protection from thieves, vandals, home invasions, as well as providing the neighborhood children with some protection from harm.

Breaking that habit of keeping your garage door partially open and helping the rest of your family to break that habit as well can result in a safer and more secure home for your family and your family’s possession, by keeping unwanted guests both two and four legged out of your garage and your home.

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